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Vision Board

YAJNAS® 3 X 2 feet Premium Material Notice Pin-up Board/Pin-up Board/Soft Board/Bulletin Board/Pin-up Display Board for Office, Home & School uses

About this item

  • Quality: The board has light weight Aluminium Frame with Satin-finish anodizing for contemporary looks and maximum rigidity. Ensures Documents Stay Securely Pinned.
  • Color: Blue | Size: 3 X 2 Feet
  • Suitable For: Home, office, cubicle, desk, class, school, college, dorm room, kitchen, locker room, child room or any other place. Great help for managers, teachers, students and kids
  • Available in 3 vibrant color variants to suit different environments. Great for pinning notes, messages, pictures, memos, calendars, menus, reminders and more.
  • Package Contents: 1 Pin-up Board without pins | Explore YAJNAS Brand for more premium quality products

Muscle Memory

The 5 AM Muscle Memory : Wake Up Energetic At 5 AM Without Discipline & Alarm Clock Paperback – 4 December 2021

Learn muscle memory secrets to wake up energetic at 5 AM without struggling with discipline and an alarm clock even if you have been a night-owl your whole life! Stay ahead of everyone, hit your dream goal, and have more “ME TIME”! This book is all about: What is “Priming List” and how it can make you very very productive How every client is waking up energetic without an alarm clock The art of waking up energetic with muscle memory that makes mornings irresistible I call it the “5 AM MUSCLE MEMORY” with 5 stages: PRIMING – With Zero Effort BREAK INERTIA – With Foolproof Method SET INTENTION – With Commitment Device ASSOCIATE PLEASURE – With Immediate Bait ACTIVATE MUSCLE MEMORY – With The Secret Recipe And, bonuses worth Rs.4997 free: #1:  6 AM Workout Muscle Memory #2: 10 Empowering Beliefs Process #3: 10 Empowering Questions Process #4: 10 Empowering Patterns Process   #5: 5 DAYS MUSCLE MEMORY MASTERY (ONLINE WHATSAPP WORKSHOP)

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